Dear applicant please read terms and conditions before making request:

1. Considering our disseminating policies, the books are limited to Ahl-e Bayt's school of thought. Requests for other areas and subjects, e.g. mysticism, philosophy, literature, politics and so forth will not be considered.

2. In case you received wrong books, please contact us through our email.

3. Since the language of the sent books will be according to your request, please select the language of book carefully

4. As most books are published outside Iran and due to such problems as procuring them in Iran's market, please limit your request to your area of interest, e.g. beliefs, Mahdaviyyat, Islam history, Ethics , etc.)

5. If you are not satisfied with the book you have received, please donate them to relevant people.

6. Please fill the request form carefully, putting your full name and full address so that shipment is facilitated.

7- Please provide your real email address and postal address.

8. Each individual can request for only one book and further requests of the same person will not be considered.

9. Please attach your academic, personal information as well as the Shiite information to your request

10. Do inform us receipt of books.

11. Please let us know your opinions and suggestions.

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